Thursday, 6 June 2013

Adwords and your Marketing Campaign

As you may already know, Google Adwords is a great way to reach a large targeted audience at a manageable cost. Although it is cost effective, Adwords cannot and should not constitute the entirety or even majority of your marketing campaign. At most Google Adwords should be about 30% of your marketing effort depending on your type of business. Why?
  1. Adwords is very competitive and unlike traditional media your advertising spot is never guaranteed.
  2. Internet browsers have learned to become distrustful of unfamiliar ads and have built a certain tolerance of ads which makes them easy to ignore. 
  3. If you have a localized business or a new invention, Adwords cannot substitute for the benefits of traditional marketing methods such as Trade Shows, PR, television, print or radio ads. 
  4. In my experience, people are more likely to trust your online ads after they have heard about your company from some other trusted source. 
  5. Your online marketing needs budget or effort should also have a significant allocation to social media marketing whether paid or unpaid. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Internet Marketing: Google Adwords

Marketing your small business on a meager budget is indeed challenging to say the least. A good way to build brand awareness for your product is through targeted internet marketing. Internet marketing is big business. The fact is people spend as much and some some cases even more time online as they do watching TV or reading the paper. Google Adwords is one of the most widely used platforms for internet marketing. Google Adwords accrues the following benefits and disadvantages for its users:

  1. Google has a wide network of ad publishers so you ads are more likely to be viewed by your target market.  
  2. Online advertising tends to be more cost effective than traditional advertising due in part to lower overhead costs for publishers.
  3. Adwords is suitable for every budget. You can run campaigns for as little as a $1 per day and still get your ads in front of thousands of people depending on how your campaign is structured. 
  4. Adwords offers performance based marketing unlike traditional media where is rather difficult to track the success and Return on Investment of your ad campaigns. With google adwords you can track your campaigns in real time to see how many persons saw and interacted with your ads 
  5. Unlike traditional media, Adwords offers the ability to define and advertise directly to your target market. In other words, instead of mass marketing where you are shooting at a target in the dark, Adwords allows you to define the profile of your target customer and places your ads where that customer is most likely to see it. The result: more productive ads and more value for your money.
  6.  Google Adwords offers a lot of flexibility in terms of budget, data analytics
  1. If you have a very new or unique product Adwords may not be the best place to start advertising since the success of your ads is highly dependent keywords. If your product is a new invention or new idea completely the you may not have too many keywords to work with. 
  2. Adwords ad prices are flexible because they are based on a bidding system. On any given day, the probability that your ad will show is dependent on your daily budget, bid price and ad quality. If you have a fixed and limited budget it will work against you when your competition increases. 
  3. Adwords is successful when it is part of a larger campaign which includes PR, social media, and some traditional advertising methods